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Our History

What's in a Name?

Our name, Conner Strong & Buckelew, pays tribute to important figures in our firm's heritage. Conner and Strong are historic figures with personal significance to our leadership. These men stood for -- and their names literally mean -- two ideals that remain the pillar of our work: protection and strength. These words directly represent who we are as a company and what we offer our clients.

Recently, we added to our company name as a way to honor one of our founders and mentors, Mr. Joseph Buckelew, the firm's Chairman. Mr. Buckelew exemplifies the best of our firm. Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Buckelew has been a valued mentor to many and a man known for his impeccable integrity. By including Mr. Buckelew's name, we applaud his countless years of service and honor the significant impact he continues to have on our firm.

Conner Strong and Buckelew History

Over 50 Years of Success

We are proud to celebrate over 50 years of success, tracing our roots back to 1959 with the Morales, Potter & Buckelew agency. Click here to view a timeline of important milestones throughout the history of the firm.

The History of
Conner Strong & Buckelew