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Reaching employees where and when they want.

In today’s digital and increasingly remote working world, employees are accustomed to accessing, absorbing and sharing information whenever, wherever and however they want. Why should the way they access and absorb information about their employee benefits packages be any different?

To meet employees where they are – on the devices they use every day – we provide an employee communications toolkit to employers and human resources teams. These virtual solutions make it easy for you to share up-to-date information about your employee benefits and easy for your employees to understand and better use the benefits offered to them.

The result is a more informed workforce that’s more engaged and empowered to take advantage of the health and wealth benefits in which you invest.

Signature HR communications solutions include:

Dedicated Online Benefits Portal – BenePortal
BenePortal is a dedicated online employee benefits resource for your employees. It’s mobile-optimized and houses benefit plan documents, insurance carrier summaries, forms, guides, links and other benefit materials. The company-specific URL makes it easy for employees to bookmark and visit the site whenever information is needed.

Virtual Open Enrollment
Virtual open enrollment transforms the typical annual open enrollment meetings into meaningful, productive employee checkpoints. It starts with a virtual, organization-wide benefits meeting, making it easy for a remote or multi-office workforce to participate. Employees can also easily schedule 15-minute virtual one-on-one sessions with an open enrollment benefits expert to ask specific questions in a confidential space.

Virtual Communications Tools
More people consume information on mobile devices than on desktops. To create a better user experience for employees who want to read information about their employee benefits package on a phone or tablet, we offer Virtual Flip Books. These assets can be embedded directly into the benefits portal or other employee-facing website. They can also be updated at any time. This decreases costly reprints for companies and ensures employees have access to the latest coverage details.

In addition, Member Advocacy services and a number of Employee Health and Wellness solutions as part of our employee benefits HR tools.

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