Voluntary Employee Benefits

A cost-neutral solution for a happier workforce.

How can you do more for employees without adding to your cost?

Give them more options.

Voluntary benefits give employees the control they crave, while providing a competitive advantage for your business, all with zero impact on your cost. That’s a real bottom line benefit, because healthy employees are proven to be more productive at work.

As a result, the coverage is right for them, and the cost is right for you.

Specific Areas of Voluntary Benefits Expertise

We use a high-touch approach to evaluate a group’s core benefit plans to then design a platform of voluntary programs that can fill the gaps and provide complimentary coverage for the work-force. Key services include:

  • Program development
  • Marketing and program installation
  • Access to a vetted network of voluntary benefit operators that provide on-site employee sessions, educational assistance and consolidated billing and administration

We also develop voluntary solutions that can help employers in the enrollment, and on-boarding process using voluntary benefits delivery as cost effective vehicle to help cut down benefit automation costs.

Practice Leader

Greg Fanelli

Vice President, Sales & Voluntary Benefits Consultant