Data Analytics Services

Smarter tools to help you make smarter decisions.

Do your benefits match your employees’ behaviors?

It’s a question many organizations never ask, and a critical downfall of many benefits plan designs.

We treat data analysis as the critical exercise it is. It’s not about cost-shifting or increasing deductibles. It’s about understanding your employees and their behavior; it’s about performing a thorough review of your claims experience; it’s about building a benefit plan to meet your business objectives.

We have a variety of high-powered technology tools we use in helping customers identify the drivers of cost and then create actionable steps to impact a plan’s cost and quality. Our unique and proprietary tools include:

BeneFuture – an actuarial platform used to help model plan design changes and the impact on cost and utilization

BeneNet – a powerful claims re-pricing system that measures a carrier’s provider network discounts to ensure the most thorough analysis if performed when evaluating networks.

BeneView – a unique data warehouse tool that captures all of a group’s claims and utilization experience to allow for a panoramic drill down analysis into drivers of cost and gaps in care so that specific actions can be taken to address cost and quality proactively.

Other key data analytic services include:

  • Custom performance reporting
  • Budget development
  • Contribution analysis
  • Large claims oversight

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