Private Client Group

Your homes. Your hobbies. Your world.

All of our high-net-worth clients lead very different lives, hold very different assets and have very diverse insurance needs.

That’s why we’ve developed a unique and individualized approach to protecting those unique assets. We call it our Personal Risk Manager approach.

You work directly with a Private Client Consultant to create a tailored insurance program that aligns with your specific needs and protects your most valuable assets. You receive personal attention, even when your needs extend far beyond personal insurance. From aviation to equine, from estates to yachts, our team of experts has the experience to understand the most complex risks and deliver the coverage options to protect what is most important to you.

As a result, you know you have the financial plans in place to keep making the most of life.

Specific Areas of Private Client Group Expertise

  • High-Net Worth Personal Insurance
  • Proprietary Net Risk Assessment
  • Peer Carrier Benchmarking
  • Annual Renewal Assessment & Modeling

Highlighted Private Client Group Experience


We routinely work with prospective clients to review their current insurance portfolio for effectiveness in protecting their lifestyle. During one such review scenario, we discovered that owned locations and vehicles were omitted from our client’s personal excess liability policy. This omission had the potential of capping their personal liability at $500,000 rather than the $30,000,000 limit they anticipated. We quickly made the suggestion to add the exposures accordingly among other personalized enhancements to coverage. The overall outcome was seamless coverage, increased protection, decreased premium and peace of mind.

During a routine annual review conversation with another client, an inquiry was made about travel plans. The client advised us they were taking their mega yacht into restricted waters within the next week for a family vacation. We quickly worked with the carrier to get coverage expanded to include the restricted area. But our greater concern was the physical danger associated with the area and the potential for harm to occur to the client and family. We assisted setting our client up with a fast-moving security team to travel with them, updated the family on potential threats and provided tips on how to minimize exposure and safely travel to the area. The security team also advised the captain and crew of local laws and restrictions to ensure that the vessel was in compliance.