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Whose Health Comes First - Your Business or Your Employees?


We know it takes quality employee benefits consultants to balance meeting your business goals while also meeting your employees’ needs. It’s what makes us unique among employee benefits consulting firms -- we make sure you’re profitable while also protecting your workers.

In other words, while your competitors only focus on cutting costs, we also help you build a better work environment to move your business forward.

We’ve been doing this for generations, and we have it down to a system. We call it our BeneFiscal™ approach to handling employee benefits. It’s a six-area program meant to comprehensively promote the best interests of your business and your employees. Learn more below about each step in this program.

BeneFiscalTM Approach

  • 1

    Strategic Consulting

    We deliver a complete evaluation of your benefits program measured against short- and long-term objectives and fiscal goals to help us determine the most appropriate, competitive and cost-effective benefit packages for you.

  • 2

    Compliance & Audit

    Our veteran team combs through legislative documents, evaluating each item, line-by-line for its relevance to your unique business circumstances. With one eye on the legal guidelines and the other on your company's back, we make it simple and easy for you to stay compliant and informed about regulatory changes and industry updates.

  • 3

    Employee Communications & Advocacy

    Our team provides customized communications, an online information resource, on-site health fair and health assessments, open enrollment management, privacy insulation, HIPAA protection and access to wellness coaches.

  • 4

    Wellness & Population Health

    We dig into the health of your workforce, performing a comprehensive on-site employer risk assessment. We provide you with a custom-designed roadmap of employee health, wellness and safety strategies designed to increase the health of your business.

  • 5

    Data Analytics

    We use our modeling and forecasting tools and our data warehousing software to develop and deliver employee benefits programs that work from a cost standpoint, from a coverage standpoint and as a competitive distinction.

Ready to control costs and care for the people who help run your business? Send us a note about your business challenges, and we’ll start thinking about how to solve them: