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Net Promoter Score

Raising the Bar in Customer Service

At Conner Strong & Buckelew, we are committed to delivering a best-in-class customer service experience for our clients. Our hands-on, collaborative team approach and deep knowledge of risk management and the industries we serve are two key factors that differentiate us in the insurance industry.

A World-Class Net Promoter Score of 92

We strongly believe in measuring the impact of our efforts and measure client satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS), a global standard for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In our most recent NPS survey, Conner Strong & Buckelew achieved a Net Promoter Score of 92, which is classified as “World Class” and more than triple the average for the insurance industry. Our clients rated us an average of 9.6 out of 10.

We analyzed each survey to help understand our clients’ priorities and inform enhancements to our services.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I have been delighted with the consistent, outstanding quality of the people we have worked with at Conner Strong. While many business partners try to force fit their solutions onto our problems, the team at Conner Strong is different – you listen and bring your expertise to help me achieve my objectives. I deal with many partners (bankers, actuaries, investment managers, etc.) and the team at Conner Strong is the model that I wish all my partners tried to achieve.”

“The quality of our CS&B team is what really makes the difference. We have total confidence in their abilities and their commitment to our Company. I used to think that negotiating rates was the primary purpose of an insurance agency but have come to realize that its almost the least important part of it.”

“The entire team we work with at CSB is great. Their technical knowledge, flexibility, responsiveness and overall management of our account is ideal. We often are in situations where we need answers very quickly to avoid service interruptions and CSB always get the job done.”

The REACH Model for Exceptional Customer Experience

To underscore our commitment to instilling a culture of world-class service, we developed the REACH Model. It’s a formalized approach to driving greater customer experiences that guides our actions, behaviors, and interactions with each other and our clients.

R – Rethink Your Definition of Customer Service

Even the transition from the term “customer service” to “customer experience” has profound implications for how an organization interacts with prospects and buyers. Customer experience goes beyond troubleshooting when problems arise. Good customer service is essential, but good customer experience encompasses every touchpoint, from high-level brand messaging to nuances like terms of service details or how easy it is to find answers on the company website.

E – Empower Leaders and Staff to be Client Advocates

With this broader focus on customer experience comes the need for all aspects of the organization to be focused on client success. That starts with company leadership, who should prioritize customer satisfaction and be held to hitting key metrics around engagement and experience. Throughout the organization, customer-facing junior-level employees should share the company’s commitment to customer experience and understand the impact it can have on the organization’s success. All employees should be empowered to speak up when new ideas or initiatives may damage the broader customer experience.

A – Adopt Employee-driven Innovation

Innovation in any part of an organization must be driven by employees. That includes big ideas and initiatives that engage customers and enhance their experience. Companies can foster that passion for innovation by providing the time, resources and skills needed to develop new tools and approaches.

C – Cultivate a Culture of Collaboration

If customer experience is a true organizational focus beyond frontline producers and account service teams, that focus can be enhanced by ensuring each part of the organization collaborates and contribute to a better overall customer journey. Each department should work toward a shared goal and rely on each other to provide services and solutions that enhance the overall customer experience.

H – Help Customers Solve Their Biggest Challenges

Ultimately, customers want solutions to their problems and experiences that facilitate or enhance those solutions. In the insurance brokerage space, that means not only understanding the intricate risks facing different businesses and industries but how the general principal applies across all companies. The more an organization knows about the needs of the customer, the better suited it will be to solve those challenges in a way that engages and satisfies.

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