HR Portal: Your Compliance Library

The comprehensive solution to save your team time.

HR managers no longer need to waste hours researching employment laws and regulatory guidelines. Conner Strong & Buckelew partners with HR Portal to provide clients with an online library that offers comprehensive human resources and benefits news, informational content, forms and other powerful HR tools.

HR Portal Features

  • Human resource support, covering areas like performance review, discrimination, labor law guidelines, employment law checklists, payroll practices and more.
  • Recruitment and hiring information, covering areas like taxes, hiring processes, sample job descriptions, recruitment processes and interviewing support.
  • State HR-related legal details, covering areas like unemployment, FMLA, drug testing, and record keeping. In this section, you can click on any of the 50 states for specifics about local state laws related to HR.
  • Forms and policies, covering areas like HR audits, government forms, employment and HR notices, sample employee handbooks, sexual harassment policies, vacation and paid time off policies, workplace safety and more.
  • HR applications and tools, covering issues like exempt vs. non-exempt employee matters, salary benchmarking and employee cost calculators.
  • Resource center, providing tools and links to reputable data and information on federal laws, disability, diversity, a broad-based FAQ feature, sample documents, instructional videos and an “Ask the Expert” section where you can pose HR questions to third-party human resource experts. 

Best of all, the platform is easy to navigate, requiring little to no training to set up.

Want to set up this tremendous resource for your human resources department? Reach out to us today.

Practice Leader

Joseph M. DiBella

Executive Partner, National Employee Benefits Practice Leader

More than 27 years of employee benefits experience

Previously led national and large account business for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey