Taruja Deshmukh

Vice President, InsurTech Solutions Managers

Of the day you just described, what task/accomplishment makes you the proudest?

It’s always a good feeling to solve a problem, so I love when I can help one of our clients resolve an issue – whether it’s understanding how a certain coverage works, finalizing a contract negotiation, or anything else that comes up. And it’s always nice to take the time to have face time with our clients.

How do you describe your job to someone you’ve just met?

Usually, I describe my job as negotiating the property and casualty insurance programs for our clients. I generally talk about the type of coverages we deal with and how we represent our clients.

What’s your morning ritual?

My morning ritual is pretty simple – I get up, get ready, and pack my coffee thermos, breakfast and lunch and head to the train to go to work. In the summertime, I like to do a quick yoga routine before getting ready for the day.

What does your morning typically entail?

I like to get in early so I have time to catch up on emails and read through any articles I’ve flagged recently. Some days I’ll have meetings or client open items calls. If I don’t have any meetings/calls in the morning, I’m generally catching up on reviewing contracts, making carrier calls, or working on smaller projects or answering client requests.

What do you do for lunch?

I try to pack lunch but more often than not I end up in our building cafeteria. Today and a handful of times a month, I’m out to lunch with carriers or clients.

What does your afternoon typically entail?

Usually, I’ll have a few meetings throughout the week in the afternoon – team meetings, project meetings, etc. I try to set blocks of time aside in the afternoon to work on client presentations that I have coming up or to work on checking quotes, going through coverage comparisons, or other tasks that are a little more time-consuming. Today, I had a carrier meeting. After the meeting, we all went upstairs to R2L, the restaurant in our building.

What do you love to do outside of work?

Going out and trying new places – I recently moved to Fishtown and I love exploring the neighborhood, especially all the new restaurants. I also volunteer with a Big Brother Big Sisters program, enjoy reading – currently reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama – and yoga!