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Robin Childs

 Claim Consultant

What do you do before work?

I get up around 5:45am and I tell Alexa to start my day. She tells me the weather, traffic, what’s on my calendar, and plays my song of choice. I then wake up my daughter and check to make sure the coffee and water kettle have started. I am an electronics nut so everything is preprogrammed to start at a certain time. We get ready to our morning playlist. After breakfast, I drop her off at before care and start my drive to Camden.

What does your morning typically entail?

First thing I do at work is prioritize my day by checking my calendar and emails.

What do you do for lunch?

Typically, I have lunch with my team members. During warmer months, I like to walk outside.

What does your afternoon typically entail?

My afternoon consists of internal or client meetings.

What do you do after work?

My daughter usually has after-school activities, e.g., soccer, tennis, swimming. During this time, I’ll read, run an errand, or take a walk around the playing fields. 

Of the day you just described, what task/accomplishment were you most proud of?

The best part about my current role is that every day is different and I’m constantly learning new things. My most recent accomplishment is completing courses for my Associate in Claims designation. It was a 2019 goal that I was able to achieve!