Cyber Risk Management

Protecting your bottom line from looming cyber threats.

We probably don’t need to tell you that cyber-attacks can affect any company these days. From stealing sensitive information to tricking employees in to giving away corporate assets, to hijacking your corporate network.  You know from reading the news that cyber criminals are a growing threat to all enterprises.

But, the truth is, only a fraction of these hacks even make headlines.

That means cyber risk is far more of a problem than most companies realize, and many of the ones who do realize it only do so when it’s too late. That’s why we keep our clients ahead of the cybersecurity curve, and make sure their cyber insurance is working to help them whenever an attack occurs.

As a result, you can feel comfortable that the appropriate insurance is in place so you can continue to utilize the most advanced technology to improve your bottom line.

Specific Areas of Cyber Risk Management Expertise

  • Comprehensive review of cyber exposure and discussion on available protections in the marketplace
  • Benchmarking of limit requirement
  • Facilitating remedial resources when an attack occurs, such as engaging an experienced breach coach, forensic expert, and appropriate law enforcement
  • Accessing risk management tools for the benefit of the client

Highlighted Cyber Risk Management Experience


Our account management teams stay abreast of the cyber threats facing our clients and the evolving insurance products available to address those threats. As a result, over the years we have taken steps to ensure new risks, such as social engineering, were covered under the applicable insurance program when insurance carriers were seeking to exclude such coverage. By doing so, our account teams demonstrated they do not just look at one piece of the puzzle, such as cyber insurance, but rather evaluate the whole by exploring coverage under broader policies such as crime and property.

In addition, over the years our risk services team has assisted clients whose networks were held ransom and other clients who had someone illegally enter their network. During these difficult times, clients found comfort that Conner Strong & Buckelew could quickly access the resources available under the insurance program and coordinate the services so they could properly protect their network.

Edward Cooney, MBA
Partner, Senior Account Executive

Edward Hanna, CIC, CIH
Vice President, Senior Account Executive

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