Michael Curran

Partner, Consultant

How do you describe your job to someone you’ve just met?

We are an insurance broker/advisor for mid-sized to large companies with the goal of directly enhancing our client’s employee benefit packages. While we typically work on traditional insurance coverages such as medical, prescription drug and dental insurance, we also work on interesting projects including assessing onsite health clinics, wellness solutions, and other healthcare technologies that could benefit our clients.

What’s your morning ritual, prior to heading into the office?

I wake up early and exercise in the morning. During the winter, I use the gym in my condo building but in the spring and summer, I run along Kelly Drive. I live in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia and I love it.

What does your morning typically entail?

Once I get to the office I have coffee and set aside time to read through Philly.com and other relevant business news sources. During the first part of my work day, I start reading and responding to client and carrier emails. I’ll also prepare for any conference calls or meetings that day.

What do you do for lunch? 

I typically pack a lunch or I go out to eat with co-workers. I’m a regular at Phil’s deli. I also often have lunch with reps from insurance carriers to maintain strong working relationships.

What does your afternoon typically entail?

In the afternoon, I typically have client calls. I also travel to client sites, on average 1 to 2 times per week.  If I’m in the office, I prepare for upcoming client presentations. I regularly work with other Conner Strong & Buckelew internal teams (Data, Wellness, and Compliance) and our carrier partners to finalize presentations.

What do you love to do outside of work?

Outside of work I like to travel. In 2018, I went on a number of trips including Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park, Las Vegas, New York, and Colombia. For 2019, I have trips planned for Chicago (St. Patty’s day) and Charleston, South Carolina to visit my brother. I also like spending my summers in Sea Isle and Avalon with my fiancée, Liz. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­–Also, I’m a Philadelphia sports fan and try to get to Eagles and Sixers games whenever I can!

Of the day you just described, what task/accomplishment makes you the proudest?

My proudest accomplishments come when I have directly contributed to my team completing a complicated project for one of our clients. I also enjoy presenting our work to clients.