Protect Your Company From a Cyber Incident! Require Multi-Factor Authentication

October 31, 2022

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) increases an organization’s security and helps mitigate risk by requiring a user to provide multiple forms of identity verification to gain access to an application or website.

How It Works

Once MFA is in place, users will simply log into their accounts with one extra step. There are various forms of multi-factor authentication. Common methods include the use of a one-time code, a pre-determined security question, biometric identifiers, a standalone app or a secure token.

Why MFA Is Important

Now that 80% of breaches are the result of compromised credentials, MFA adds an extra layer of defense that makes it more difficult for cyber criminals to use stolen passwords to access a network.

MFA also provides an extra layer of security for remote workers and helps protect against employees’ poor password habits. Since human error is a major threat to cybersecurity, utilizing MFA is a simple action to help organizations reduce their risk.

Conner Strong and Buckelew’s Cyber Portal has additional resources on MFA. Contact your account representative to learn more about our cyber services or to help setup your cyber portal account.


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