Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Commitment Statement

June 6, 2023

Since its founding, the leaders and professionals of Conner Strong & Buckelew have been committed to fostering a strong, diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible working environment. That commitment begins with outreach and recruitment to ensure a diverse, representative and welcoming workplace. It includes internal trainings and mentoring to provide long-term professional opportunities. The commitment continues through the investment of time and money the firm, its executive team and staff make in communities and organizations across the country, especially in its hometown of Camden, New Jersey.

The leaders and professionals of CSB understand that the foundation of providing the best service to clients is having team members who understand their diverse needs and experiences. That’s why Conner Strong actively reaches to identify new team members by participating in national minority professional career fairs, recruiting from a broad array of colleges and universities, and launching a high school internship program in partnership with the Camden School District. CSB is proud that the diversity of its workforce is visible at every level of the organization and in every business area.

CSB knows it’s not enough to hire a diverse workforce, which is why we work to ensure that every member of the team has an opportunity to learn, grow and achieve. We have instituted far-reaching mentoring and professional development opportunities for all staff members, including trainings to recognize and combat implicit bias. CSB has launched an integrated CSB DEIA Program in conjunction with our employee led ALLIED Group – Alliance for Inclusion Equality and Diversity – to perpetuate an environment of inclusion where everyone feels welcome, accountable, energized, and authentic. CSB believes that each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives and viewpoints add value to Conner Strong’s ability to deliver the best possible service and support to our clients and partners.

CSB recognizes that a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility doesn’t begin or end at its front door but extends into its community. Working with local non-profits and foundations, CSB has proudly partnered with organizations that are dedicated to supporting their communities and residents, creating opportunities, and helping people who are in need. Over the last five years alone, CSB has contributed almost $10 million to the community, health care, education and children’s charities and organizations.

CSB’s commitment to its community is best seen through its leadership in Camden, NJ, once the country’s poorest and most violent city. In addition to moving its national headquarters to the city, bringing with it hundreds of new jobs and hiring locally, CSB and its leaders have been widely recognized for their leadership in improving the city and opportunities and outcomes for its residents.

Over the last decade, CSB and its executive team have taken a leading role in Camden’s nationally lauded renaissance, focusing its charitable efforts on improving education for youth, funding research to help cure diseases, supporting the arts and culture, improving the community’s safety, and helping people with disabilities. From being a founding sponsor of the Camden Health and Athletic Association (CHAA) to providing a $1 million grant program for Camden City based non-profit organizations to working with the NAACP, Latin America Economic Development Association, Center for Family Services, Hopeworks and Camden County Workforce Investment Board in support of Camden Works.