Conner Strong & Buckelew Partners with Springbuk to Provide Employee Benefits Clients with Best-in-Class Data Analytic Capabilities

September 11, 2018

Partnership will help clients better analyze drivers of costs.

MARLTON, NJ – Conner Strong & Buckelew, a leading insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm announced today that it has partnered with Springbuk to give its employee benefits clients access to a robust platform of online tools to better analyze drivers of costs and gaps in care in order to better manage benefit plan costs. Conner Strong & Buckelew has used data analytics to help their clients’ better isolate drivers of costs and gaps in care in order to design more precise and tailored benefit strategies.

Through the use of data analytics, employers and plan sponsors can identify opportunities to address the real reason their benefit costs are increasing and in turn take more precise actions. With the advent of big-data and more advanced analytics, it is imperative that strategies to address rising healthcare costs be more aligned with actual results versus broad brush approaches that may miss the mark. By partnering with Springbuk to serve as its data warehouse and health intelligence partner, Conner Strong & Buckelew has advanced its capacity to help customers use data to fine tune benefit strategies.

“Data is key to helping clients better manage their employee benefit plans. Technology has revolutionized many industries, and it’s time that big-data impact cost and quality in employee benefits as well”, said Joe DiBella, Managing Director of the benefits practice at Conner Strong & Buckelew. “Springbuk’s data warehouse offers a robust set of tools and utilities that provide a clear road map for developing strategies and interventions to impact employee health, cost and quality on a more precise basis. We’re delighted to bring their platform to our clients and are convinced it will add measurable valuable.”

Springbuk’s software allows Conner Strong & Buckelew to easily communicate, connect and glean insights from a group’s healthcare data. By uniting several disparate healthcare data sets into one unified view, Springbuk will enable Conner Strong & Buckelew to provide greater transparency and visibility into their clients’ claims costs, in addition to identifying what their clients can do to contain next year’s spend. The solution works for employers with as few as 100 employees to tens of thousands.

“Conner Strong & Buckelew is a fantastic example of what we look for in an ideal partner,” said Rod Reasen, CEO and Co-Founder of Springbuk. “They’re passionate about providing the best possible service to their clients, and empowering their clients to take action to reduce claims costs in the future. We’re excited to work with them and eager to see the results that their forward-thinking team can drive with Springbuk by their side.”

About Conner Strong & Buckelew – Conner Strong & Buckelew is among America’s largest insurance brokerage, risk management and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms. The firm is an industry leader in providing high-risk businesses with comprehensive solutions to prevent losses, manage claims, and drive bottom line growth. Its employee benefits practice focuses on providing best-in-class benefits administration, health and wellness programs and strategic advisory services.

Founded in 1959 with offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida and Georgia, Conner Strong & Buckelew has a team of nearly 400 professionals, serving clients throughout the United States and abroad. For more information, visit, or follow us on social  media: LinkedIn, Twitter @connerstrong, Facebook @connerstrongbuckelew, Instagram @connerstrongbuckelew. 

About Springbuk – Springbuk is a health intelligence software that empowers everyone in an employer’s health ecosystem to glean actionable insights and improve their population’s wellbeing and contain claims costs. Their software is leveraged by employers, insurance brokers, onsite clinics, Third-Party Administrators, and wellness vendors to identify avoidable medical and Rx spend. These insights allow every stakeholder to make smarter decisions regarding the health of their employee populations.

Healthcare costs are rising. Springbuk works with employers across the country to fight back.

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