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Strategic Planning & Implementation

Isn't all risk the same?

Not at all. Every organization has a unique business model that must be analyzed when evaluating risk. We always start the discovery process by understanding your organization and developing a strategic risk management plan tailored to your needs. The plan considers such factors as exposure to risk, actuarial projections, long-term financial objectives, tax strategies, cash flow and management structure.  

What makes us different is that we offer all managerial and administrative services to implement a modern risk management program. We provide a thorough initial evaluation, outstanding project management and top-notch excess and reinsurance placements. Because our programs are known in the industry to be expertly managed, the major insurers and excess insurers seek our business. 

When managing your risk, we take one of four approaches:

  • Traditional Insurance: For many organizations, traditional insurance is the only practical option. We've worked with major insurers to develop especially attractive traditional insurance programs that provide many of the advantages of non-traditional risk finance to clients that are not large enough for these alternatives.
  • Self Insurance: These programs achieve lower cost, but often require state approval and strong management discipline. We've managed some of the largest and most successful self-insurance programs in the country.
  • Government Risk Pools: Most states allow governmental entities to create self-insurance pools. This approach is particularly cost effective. We manage more governmental risk pools than any other program administrator in the country.
  • Captive Insurance Companies: Non-governmental organizations that want the benefits of a risk pool can do so through a captive insurance company. Whatever the size of the group, captives create efficiencies for organizations that are committed to safety.

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