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This section features articles, white papers and other informational pieces about the employee benefit industry. Among other publications, it includes links to articles from the industry's leading trade publications, such as Benefits & Compensation Solutions, Employee Benefit News, CDHC Solutions, Human Resource Executive, HR Magazine and Workforce Management, as well as mainstream regional and national media outlets.

This news section is intended for audiences in both the public and private sectors and feature articles that highlight innovative ways to purchase and manage benefit programs. Additionally, the information will help benefit plan managers to compare their practices and procedures against other leading strategies.

Title Date
New Report Looks at How the Opioid Crisis Has Affected Group benefits 07/03/2018
Health Care Cost Institute Issues Cost and Utilization Report 07/02/2018
Unum Study: Trends in Disability Claims 06/22/2018
America's Health Insurance Plans' 2018 Employee Survey Results 06/21/2018
New Employee Health and Wellness Survey Results Address what HR and Employees are Thinking 05/07/2018
The Impact of Obesity on Medical Costs and Labor Market Outcomes in the US 03/30/2018
Use of On-Site | Near-Site Health Centers Increases 03/14/2018
PBM Express Scripts Inc. (“ESI”) Issues Annual Pharmacy Report 02/14/2018
2017 Cost of Group Healthcare Insurance Benchmark Survey Results 01/05/2018
Continued Cost Escalations in 2017 According to New Survey Data 11/20/2017
Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits Waning 11/10/2017
ACA Health Insurance Tax Will Boost 2018 Insured Plan Rates 11/08/2017
Health & Well-Being Touchstone Survey Results Issued 10/20/2017
5th Annual 2017 Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report Identifies Top 10 Catastrophic Claims Conditions 10/05/2017
2017 Milliman Medical Index on Changes in Healthcare Costs for Employers 09/25/2017
National Blues Study Points to Cost Variations in Diabetic Care 09/20/2017
Narrow Network Push to Surpass HDHP Trend 09/18/2017
MBGH Employer Health Purchasing Strategy Survey Issued 09/13/2017
New IFEBP Study Identifies Top 10 Costliest Conditions for Health Plans 08/31/2017
New Survey Reveals Large U.S. Employers Project Healthcare Benefit Costs to Surpass $14,000 per Employee in 2018 08/22/2017
Key Findings from the EBRI 2016 Health Benefits Survey Results Send Summary 07/06/2017
2017 Healthcare Benefits Trend Survey Findings Issued 07/05/2017
Increase In Drug Spending 06/22/2017
American Healthcare Spending 06/21/2017
New Benchmarking Data for Employers and Plan Sponsors 03/23/2017
America’s Health Insurance Plans Reports Increases in HSA Plans 03/08/2017
CMS Predicts Continued Healthcare Cost Growth 03/06/2017
New Pipeline of Medications on the Horizon for FDA Approval on 2017 and 2018 03/03/2017
10 Drugs Accounted for Nearly One-Third of Spending in Catastrophic Coverage in 2015 03/01/2017
New Opioid Law Signed in NJ 02/21/2017
Insights into Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans 02/16/2017
REPORT: Smoking Costs the World Economy $1 Trillion Per Year 02/15/2017
Coverage on the Rise for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance for Same-Sex Spouses 02/10/2017
New Survey Results in Stop Loss Activity 01/30/2017
Narrow Networks Slow to be Embraced by Employers 01/13/2017
US Healthcare Spending Continues to Escalate 01/06/2017
Recent Trends in Self Funded Benefit Plans 12/01/2016
The Future of the Affordable Care Act Post the 2016 Presidential Election 11/14/2016
Kaiser Foundation’s Health Research & Educational Trust Issues 2016 National Survey Results 11/09/2016
New Survey Shows Specialty Pharmacy Now #1 Cost Concern for Many Major Employers 10/01/2016
What Employers Need to Know About the Zika Virus 08/22/2016
Consumer Shopping Opportunities in Healthcare 06/20/2016
IRS Issues Inflation-Adjusted HSA Amounts for 2017 06/08/2016
A Comparison of the Availability and Cost of Coverage for Workers in Small Firms and Large Firms 06/07/2016
20th Annual 2015 Best Practices in Healthcare Employer Survey Results 06/01/2016
Benchmarking Data for Expenses for Office-Based Physician visits by Specialty 05/06/2016
2015 Benefit Plan Design and Cost Benchmarking Key 05/03/2016
Express Scripts Inc. Issues Annual Drug Trend Report 04/20/2016
National Health Spending Up in 2014 04/06/2016
Worker Opinions About Employee Benefits 04/01/2016
Key Findings from the 2015 Workplace Health Benefits Survey 03/30/2016
Enrollment Trends with Health Savings Accounts and High-Deductible Health Plans 02/08/2016
High Deductibles, Copays Drive Workers to Put Off Healthcare 12/18/2015
Recent Trends in Pharmacy Plan Management 12/17/2015
Latest Trends in High Deductible Health Plans 12/05/2015
The Financial Cost of Smoking, By State 09/15/2015
National Benefit Plan Costs Pierce $9,000 for Workers 08/05/2015
Total Rewards and Employee Well-Being Practices 07/31/2015
Pharmacy Spending Higher in 2014 than in Recent Years 07/23/2015
Growth in Healthcare Spending Sees Uptick in 2014 with a Spike in Spending on Prescription Drugs 07/21/2015
West Coast Employer Agrees to Absorb Expected Cadillac Tax in Bargaining Agreement 07/10/2015
US Lawmakers Propose Legislation to Protect Wellness Plan Effectiveness 07/07/2015
Adherence to Key Medications only at 50% 07/06/2015
Most of Emergency Room Visits Do not Result in Admissions 07/01/2015
Wellness Efforts Continue to Expand in Group Benefit Plans 06/30/2015
US Supreme Court Upholds the Legality of Premium Subsidies under the ACA 06/26/2015
Quick Look - ACA's Impact 06/26/2015
BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Decision on ACA Subsidies 06/25/2015
Conner Strong & Buckelew Healthiest Employer Award 06/24/2015
Trends in Retail Prices of Brand Name Prescription Drugs for Older Americans 2006 to 2013 05/25/2015
The Affordable Care Act and Employer Confidence 05/21/2015
The Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Employment Strategies 05/20/2015
Use of Four - Tier Rx Benefits Continues to Rise 05/11/2015
HR Prepares for ACA Cadillac Tax 05/07/2015
Employers Hold Strategies Steady in 2015 03/31/2015
Use of Telemedicine Trending Upward in US 02/23/2015
As ‘Generic Wave’ Picks Up Offering Hope for Employers and Plan Sponsors 01/15/2015
An Increase in Retail Prescription Drug Spending 01/13/2015
Contentious Battles Continue over New Hepatitis C Medications 12/01/2014
PPACA Cadillac Tax Looming Large for Employers 11/26/2014
Employer Health Plan Deductibles See Big Jump 11/24/2014
Consumer-Directed Plans Performing Strong 11/21/2014
Strategies for Employers and Plan Sponsors in a post Healthcare Reform World 11/20/2014
Impact of the Mid-Term Elections on the PPACA 11/18/2014
2015 Public Exchange Premiums to Increase 11/07/2014
Wellness Plans continue to be Embraced 11/02/2014
Another New Hepatitis C Medication Approved 10/31/2014
New Developments in Benefits and Wellness Post Healthcare Reform 10/26/2014
PPACA Generates $72 Million in Insurance Executive Taxes 09/29/2014
HSA Enrollment Posts Double-Digit Growth 09/26/2014
Government Provided Benefits More Costly than Private Plans 09/23/2014
Morbidly Obese Employees Cost Employers More 09/14/2014
2014 Milliman Medical Index (MMI) - September 2014 09/10/2014
2014 Cost Benchmarking Data Shows Mixed Results 09/05/2014
New Generic Alternatives Offer Promise for Pharmacy Plans 08/27/2014
Happy Patient Index Ranks 100 U.S. Cities 08/25/2014
Employer-Sponsored Medical Clinics: Much More Than Convenience Care 08/21/2014
States Begin to Ready for Fall Enrollment with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) 08/06/2014
Fittest Cities in America 08/04/2014
The Cost and Complexities of State Mandated Benefits 07/16/2014
2014 Health Benefits By the Numbers 07/13/2014
At a Crossroads: Retiree Health Benefits 07/10/2014
PBM Says Exchange Enrollees Sicker than Average 07/03/2014
Three Major Carriers Join New Price Portal Run by Transparency Group 06/30/2014
Most Americans Still Don’t Understand Healthcare Law 06/25/2014
Consumers Choose Narrow Pharmacy Networks 06/17/2014
New Health and Wellness Financial Incentive Benchmarking Results 06/10/2014
Why Employees Do – or Don’t – Participate in Wellness Programs 06/05/2014
Pharmacy Cost Growth Slows 05/30/2014
Obesity Crisis Widens in US 05/23/2014
All Eyes on the Supreme Court: More than Birth Control at Stake 05/16/2014
Wellness Incentives: The Carrot or the Stick 05/15/2014
Copayments and Deductibles Up Sharply for High-Cost Drugs 05/08/2014
Conner Strong & Buckelew Partners with GoodRx to Bring Prescription Drug Price Transparency to Consumers 03/26/2014
Slower Pharmacy Cost Increases Reported 03/20/2014
Preferred Client Pharmacy Coalition Enjoys Unprecedented Results 02/13/2014
New Generic Medications to Hit the Market in 2014 02/06/2014
Consumer-Directed Plans Can Drive Savings 02/03/2014
RAND Workplace Wellness Study Results 01/28/2014
An Overview of Dominant Employee Benefits Offerings in the U.S. 01/15/2014
Wellness in the Workplace Study Results from National Wellness and Specialty Provider, Optum 01/09/2014
Large Employers' 2014 Health Plan Design Survey Results 12/23/2013
Americans Like Their Health Plans, Not the Healthcare System 12/16/2013
Consumers Spending More on Out-of-Pocket Costs 12/11/2013
New Kaiser Foundation Data Available on Employer Plans 12/06/2013
Medical Cost Trend to Moderate Even Further in 2014 12/02/2013
Move to Self Insurance Expected 11/07/2013
Consumers Say Mandate Penalty Won't Work 10/11/2013
Uninsured Rate Creeps Up 09/26/2013
Spending up on Mental Health and Substance Use Services 08/30/2013
State-Mandated Benefits on the Rise 08/26/2013
Wellness Programs Show Savings Potential 08/02/2013
Optimizing Employee Benefits in a Post-Reform Environment 07/29/2013
Self-Insured Health Plans on the Rise 07/24/2013
Large Employers Expect Higher Premiums 07/11/2013
The Case for CDHPs 06/25/2013
Results of Large Employers' 2013 Health Plan Design Survey 06/13/2013
Early Exchange Updates 05/28/2013
Healthcare Costs Projected to Continue to Rise 04/09/2013
Satisfaction Trends are Up for Consumer-Directed Health Plans 03/28/2013
Hawaii Ranked #1 in Wellbeing 03/25/2013
Access to Care is Top Concern of Americans 03/05/2013
CMS Announces 2013 Medicare Changes 02/20/2013
Premiums for Young Adults May Jump More than 40% 02/07/2013
Nexium is the Number One Selling Drug in U.S. 01/28/2013
Growth of CDHPs Could Save Billions 01/25/2013
Benefits Best for Public Workers 12/21/2012
Wellness Program Data 12/14/2012
New Educational Wellness Site 12/11/2012
Top Hospital Study 12/06/2012
Jump in Consumer-Directed Plans 12/03/2012
New Educational Wellness Website 11/29/2012
Mixed Reaction from Employers on the Impact of Healthcare Reform 11/16/2012
Pharmacy Trends 11/08/2012
Consumer-Directed Plans Offer Promise of Savings 10/17/2012
Kaiser Foundation Issues Annual Benefits Survey Results 09/19/2012
Workers Ready for "Wireless Wellness" 09/05/2012
Specialty Medications on the Rise 08/29/2012
Healthcare Transparency Can Create Savings 08/16/2012
Health Benefits Drive Employee Loyalty 08/08/2012
NBGH Predicts 7% Healthcare Benefits Increase for Employers 08/07/2012
Weight Loss Top Wellness Concern 08/01/2012
Top 1% of Health Plan Members Account for Largest Percent of Cost 07/24/2012
Perspective on Healthcare Reform 09/06/2011
The Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Dental and Vision Benefits 06/17/2011
Louisiana - Second State to Opt Out of State-Run Insurance Exchanges 04/26/2011
Budget Proposal Would Delay a 25% Reduction in Medicare Reimbursement 04/01/2011
Contraceptives as Preventative Care 03/24/2011


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