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Beneview Data Warehouse

Do you know where opportunity lies? 

Advancements in technology have certainly given organizations greater access to claims, eligibility and plan data. But, it's also spread vast amounts of data across multiple systems - a result that's not only overwhelming, but inefficient.

To cut through the clutter and confusion, we provide you with BeneView, an innovative, client data warehousing software that consolidates your benefits information, housing it in a single, accessible web portal for easy analysis and clear accountability.

With BeneViewSM, you have access to a wealth of information, information that will help you better manage both cost and use of your company's medical benefits plan, evaluate key metrics and trends and, ultimately, identify strategic opportunities.

With BeneViewSM, you can efficiently and effectively segment data, creating targeted, on-demand reports, such as:

  • Financial Analysis, including a review of the top drivers of cost by category and areas of care
  • Utilization Analysis, including a review of patterns of care, top providers and network vs. non-network care
  • Large Claims Data to assist in identifying case management opportunities
  • Predictive Modeling to assist in prospectively identifying participants that may be candidates for quality intervention
  • Experience Summary
  • Plan Demographics

With the detailed reports, you'll gain a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your company's benefits information, of where and how your healthcare dollars are being spent. And as a result, you'll be in a position to take control of your health and welfare program by making more well-informed, more tactical benefits decisions.

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