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Benefits Administration

What business are you in?

Whatever the answer, it's not the benefits business - and you shouldn't be. That's our job and we take it seriously.

It's our job to take your benefit worries, hassles and headaches off your plate. It's our job to streamline your benefits administration. And it's our job to provide you with the most-advanced techniques and most-efficient technology to make life easier and better for you, your employees and your business. Techniques and technology like billing reconciliation, flexible spending and dependent care management, new hire education and call center support.

We give you more time to further your business by managing all benefits support on a single, automated administrative platform called BenePortal. We provide you with a benefits solution that reflects your needs. And, we bring peace of mind to your organization - talk about a real benefit.

Our team provides:

  • A single, web-based benefits enrollment and administration platform
  • COBRA administration
  • FSA administration
  • Employee value statements
  • New hire distribution kit
  • Benefits call center
  • Retiree billing
  • Flexible spending and dependent care administration


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