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Has the law already changed again?

We're sure you've asked yourself that question before. And, truthfully, its best answered by professionals who monitor the ongoing changes on a regular basis. After all, keeping up with the guidelines and rules of benefits can be a full-time job. That's why, in fact, we have a full-time compliance and audit team dedicated to staying informed.

Our veteran team combs through legislative documents, examining each item, line-by-line evaluating its specific importance to your unique business circumstances. With one eye on the legal guidelines and the other on your company's back, we make it simple and easy for you to stay compliant and informed about regulatory changes and industry updates. In addition to direct communication, you can always access updates through email newsletters, on our website's Healthcare Reform Center and via our Compliance Library.

As you'll quickly see, we have the expertise to navigate these highly complex and technical regulations in the context of your business. Ultimately, it ensures that you're in the best position to succeed. Whether you prefer simple updates and bulletins to stay abreast of the latest changes or need more extensive advisory services, we have the depth and know-how to help you manage all of your compliance needs.

Our team provides:

  • Day-to-day expert compliance and audit support
  • Claims administration and dependent enrollment audits
  • Compliance audits and reviews
  • Online compliance library and resource center
  • Online Healthcare Reform Center
  • Frequent, timely regulatory updates and legislative alerts
  • Review of insurance carrier/vendor contracts for compliance and due diligence
  • HIPAA audits
  • Signature-ready 5500 and SARs filings
  • Plan Document support (PDs and SPDs)
  • Educational events, seminars and onsite training

Why audit? Read our article on Dependent Eligibility Audits: Controlling the Cost of Healthcare 

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