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Data Analysis

Do your benefits match your employees' behaviors?

It's a question many organizations never ask and a critical downfall of many plan designs.

We treat data analysis as the critical exercise it is. For us, it's not about cost-shifting or increasing deductibles. It's about understanding your employees and their behavior; it's about performing a thorough review of your claims experience; it's about building a benefit plan to meet your business objectives.

We use our BeneFutureSM modeling and forecasting tool and our BeneViewSM data warehousing software to develop and deliver employee benefits programs that work from a cost standpoint, from a coverage standpoint and as a competitive distinction. But, we don't stop there.

We continue to tailor it and make sure it evolves with you. That means surveying employees and analyzing claims activity regularly to attack key cost drivers and ensure program effectiveness. For us, renewal isn't a once-a-year crunch, it's an ongoing process. And, we're always prepared with the tools, data and expertise to strategically calculate reserve requirements and make renewals and financial negotiations the best and the simplest they can be.

Our team provides:

  • Benefit program design, modeling and forecasting
  • In-house underwriting and data analysis services
  • Data analysis and reporting system
  • Complete renewal management
  • Program marketing and analysis
  • Benefit coverage placement
  • Health and wellness management


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