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Private Benefits Exchange

Private Benefit Exchanges:
Changing the Paradigm of Benefits

You've tried everything to address the quality and cost concerns of your health and benefit plans. From consumer-directed plans, to health and wellness strategies, to high-performance networks — you've done it all, but you're still not completely satisfied with the results. There's good news: Conner Strong & Buckelew offers a solution that is changing the cost and quality paradigm of benefits.

Private Benefit Exchanges. A better way to buy benefits.

A private exchange uses a defined-contribution approach allowing you to determine the dollar amount to give your employees. They go shopping in an online store to get the benefits portfolio that fits them best. This puts the employee in control of choosing his/her benefits. They’ll have access to side-by-side comparison tools, videos and articles about insurance topics, key plan information and transparent pricing. Meanwhile, as the employer, you are supported every step of the way with everything from implementation to reporting to administration.

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